Component development in harmony with manufacture

Please involve us as early as possible in your new developments to benefit fully from our extensive expertise in five core manufacturing disciplines.

We can support your project developments in such a way that your parts are designed in harmony with the production technology that will be used to make them – leading to the most economical alternative.

FEM simulation

Using FEM analysis we are able to make definitive statements concerning the producibility of your parts and thus offer creative suggestions concerning their ongoing development.

Samples correct to drawing

Everything starts from an idea - like this component for the valve control in an internal combustion engine. The first requirement is to demonstrate the producibility of the part via product samples. To this end, SFS intec uses prototype tooling, capable of furnishing the first results very quickly. The knowledge gained in prototype manufacture flows via short communication channels into the subsequent development stages, ensuring the necessary safety margins. That sets the points for a successful start to series production from early on in the development process.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Open development
  • Secure project management
  • Early failure mode elimination through future thinking
  • Flexible tool concepts
  • On-time product launch

Thin wall requirements do not need to be an issue

Technical demands are constantly on the rise. In any given assembly, fewer components have to perform more functions. Meanwhile the ongoing trend towards ever-greater miniaturisation and weight reduction calls for new ways of thinking. In producing this airbag component, notwithstanding the tiny wall thickness of 0.08 mm, the leak tightness of the gas generator has to be guaranteed. What’s more, specific functionally-critical break zones are designed in. In these areas, ironing operations further reduce the wall thickness. SFS intec designed special handling jigs and packing concepts for these extremely fragile components.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Minimum possible material usage
  • Wall thickness takes on a functional role
  • Cost-optimised component handling


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