Cold forming: A core technology offering massive potential benefits

SFS intec has been offering the tremendous benefits of cold forming as a cornerstone technology since the start of production activity in 1960. Maximum benefits are generated above all in mass production of components.

Made-to-measure solutions for diverse applications

This intelligent production process can be used for any malleable metal or its alloys. Starting with a blank - generally a length of wire cut from a roll - the final component is generated in two-to-six successive deformation steps; the blank taking on at each stage the shape of the die into which it is pressed.

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The benefits in brief

The challenge lies in designing the product economically with all the significant constraints and influences in mind.

Impressive material savings

A cold formed setting screw with a total wastage of 8% of the input weight, shown next to a machined version (minus the slot, locator and knurl) with a swarf scrap of 67% of the input weight.

Mass production technique

The maximum benefits of cold forming are generated in mass production scenarios.

Myriad component geometries

A multitude of different component geometries can be achieved by cleverly combining individual cold forming process steps.

High mechanical load strength of cold formed parts

The diagrams below illustrate how it is possible to influence the strength distribution in the end product by carefully choosing the manufacturing process steps. The product shown is a double shaft bolt in alloy 38B2. This capability might allow a less expensive material to be used, or a subsequent heat treatment step to be eliminated.

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