Miniature screws for diverse applications

After so many years as a development and supply partner to leading manufacturers of mobile phones and hearing aids, it’s fair to say that we have just about perfected the manufacture of miniature components over recent years.

Our capabilities in brief

  • Production of application-specific thread forming screws down to diameters of 0.5 mm
  • Manufacture in carbon and stainless steels for special applications in aluminium and titanium
  • Provision of secondary in-house operations like heat treatment and surface finishing
  • Consultation support on new customer-specific products
  • Analysis of customer-specific needs using simulation engineering as well as support during ramp-up
  • Process capability in subsequent series assembly

Learn more about our fastener solutions

Machine screws

Thread usually according to ISO 965, coated if high loosing resistance is required.

More information Chemical locking.

TAPTITE 2000 - thread forming screws for metal

Direct insertion into metal with all the advantages of thread forming

More details under TAPTITE 2000

REMFORM II thread forming screws for plastic

Direct insertion into plastics: space-saving reliability

More details under REMFORM II .

Aesthetic fasteners

Aesthetically-finished fasteners with multiple coatings in various colours; PVD

More details under surface.

Specific screws

Locking screws with extra-large heads, sealing and insulation.

More details under sealing and insulation.

Miniature components from Unisteel Technology Limited

Singapore-based Unisteel has been a member of the SFS Group since 2012.

The product range covers (among others) mini-components such as

  • Miniature screws
  • Threaded inserts
  • High-tech plastic parts
  • Precision metal custom-components

More details can be found on the Unisteel homepage



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