W-Tec 3D+

Concealed hinges for designer doors

What was missing in the market is offered today by SFS intec. The new W-Tec 3D+ is a robust hinge, specifically designed to stabilise the opening and closing of the door.

W-Tec 3D+ can be adjusted in height, laterally and depth and is available in three versions, to meet different capacity requirements.
In addition to timber, thanks to a variety of accessories, W-Tec 3D+ can easily be applied to cover and steel frames.

The W-Tec 3D+ hinge is an SFS intec product, guaranteeing quality thanks to strict controls both in the process and in tests performed on the hinge itself.
SFS intec is also available to offer solutions tailored to specific customer needs.

W-Tec 3Ds the slim and robust concealed hinge also for narrow profiles. W-Tec 3Ds is a variant of the W-Tec 3D+ range and, just like all the hinges in this range, is extremely stable. W-Tec 3Ds features two mechanical height and horizontal adjustments of +/- 3mm and manual depth adjustment +/- 1mm.

All adjustments are independent from each other.
The W-Tec 3Ds hinge with minimum overall dimensions both on the sash and on the frame can be mounted on profiles from 24mm. It also fully meets the demand of door manufacturers to be able to use a single product for flush applications and so-called rebated flush fit applications.


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Video W-Tec 3D+

Video W-Tec 3D+ Coloured

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