SFS intec serves the medical industry with blanks for bone screws, all kinds of metal components and also customized plastic parts for medical accessories.

Extensive technology competence for customised medical applications


  • Manufacturing analysis of single parts and assemblies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Selection of technology and material
  • Component optimisation
  • Cost analysis
  • Regulatory requirements


  • Design of metal, injection moulded and composite parts
  • Simulations / FEM
  • Material development
  • Production of prototypes and functional models for serial production

Production capabilities


  • Inhouse tool making
  • Cold forming
  • Deep drawing
  • Fastening technology
  • Machining
  • Riveting
  • Production variability

Plastic injection moulding

  • Inhouse tool making
  • Injection moulding
  • Multi-component injection moulding
  • Micro injection moulding
  • Hybrid parts
  • Optical parts
  • Clean room production to ISO 14644 class 7, GMP class C


  • Surfaces, heat treatment
  • Chemical coatings
  • Washing, Ultra fine cleaning
  • α / β etching
  • Printing, engraving, lasering
  • Gamma rays, sterilizing


  • Assembly of ready-to-assemble parts
  • Partly and fully automatic assembly
  • Process integrated functional tests
  • Customer specifi c packaging


  • Certified qualitymanagement according to ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Tailor-made testing and validation
  • Process capability analysis SPC
  • Laboratory certified according to ISO 17025


  • Customer specific logistics solutions
  • Global delivery possibilities
  • "Just in time" delivery
  • "Ship to line" delivery

Competent project management

We accompany you from development to mass production. Thanks to the extensive SFS technology competence you will have one partner for the realisation of your projects. Your benefi ts are for example time and cost savings in combination with fulfilling highest quality requirements.

Extensive technology competence

Already during the acquisition phase our specialists will analyse your application. These results will evaluate important informations. You will receive proposals from us about how we will optimise and produce your application based upon our technology know-how. Whether you require plastic injection moulded parts in small sizes or metal components in various sizes, you will receive everything from one partner.

Optimising production costs

You receive perfect and ready-to-assemble components manufactured in our modern plant. Depending on your application we manufacture your parts using the suitable technology. By that you benefit additionally in reducing your manufacturing costs.

Range of applications

You will find our products inter alia in the following applications: Eye surgery, dental implants,trauma care, spinal surgery, hip surgery, general surgery, hearing aids, blood glucose meter, blood purification, etc.

Examples of metal components / injection moulded parts


Metal components

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Injection moulded parts

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