SFS intec has over twenty-five years of experience in the aircraft industry. That makes us a truly reliable development and supply partner for demanding fastening systems and hardware.

Our broadly-based applications and manufacturing know how enable us to fulfil customers’ requirements quickly and efficiently.

Engineering and development capabilities

As a powerful partner to the aircraft industry, it is both a challenge and responsibility to cover the entire development process.

That ranges from the first specification to the detailed design, including all the associated project documentation.

Development work supported by virtual engineering and simulations reduces the development time dramatically. Functional goals are achieved without unnecessary interfaces and development loops.


Powerful production processes are a given for the economical manufacture of precision products in small to large batch quantities.

To meet every requirement placed on us, use within the SFS Group various manufacturing processes:

  • Cold forming
  • Injection moulding
  • Deep drawing technology
  • Machining operations
  • Assembly and secondary operations

We can also call on a broadly-based supply chain network as and when required for successful system development.

Product qualification

Qualification and approval processes for new products are primarily carried out within the SFS intec Group, calling on state-of-the-art test and laboratory services and top-trained personnel.

Where required, external test work is carried out exclusively by aerospace-approved specialist institutions.

See also manufacturing support services:


We offer numerous innovative logistics solutions matched to individual customer needs. The focus is on cost and the guaranteed availability of parts.

An international network as an element in success

Customer closeness offering real service thanks to a global market presence – teamwork with a system

Our divisional HQ in Althengstett controls our aircraft industry operations, from where all our customers are serviced and supported.

As required we call on the total SFS Group market and technological capabilities. Your benefit derives from being able to draw on comprehensive, innovative fastener and assembly solutions. You can use this support for your individual system development activities.


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